Should I Sell My House Privately?

Selling your home privately opens the doors to possibility.

It’s like having an open-ended plane ticket. You have the power to set off on an adventure and decide what you do and when you do it without the restrictions of a return date.

Similarly, selling privately gives you control over the process of selling your home. You get to take the driver’s seat and sell it on your terms. You realise greater efficiencies because the layer between you and your buyers is removed. With more freedom and less pressure throughout the process everything from scheduling inspections with buyers to how you advertise your home is on your terms. Last but not least, you have the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in savings, which would have otherwise been spent on commission.

Technology makes it simple to sell privately

The internet has made the process of buying and selling goods simpler and more accessible than ever before. It has enabled everyday people to sell their own belongings online, including everything from vehicles to small household items. With emerging technology and online platforms such as Noagent, selling property can now follow suit. What’s more, home-buying behaviour has changed in recent years, with a large majority of people now using the internet as their primary source for searching and buying property.

Same advertising opportunities with more flexibility

Selling property traditionally via an agent will usually result in a six to eight-week marketing campaign, consisting of print-based advertising, listing the property on major real estate websites and a series of Open for Inspections.

You also have the freedom to sell your property according to your schedule. When it comes to Open for Inspections, you may choose to host a 30-minute inspection rather than the traditional 15-minute window to give more buyers the opportunity to view your property.

Selling your own house is simple with Owner

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What’s great about selling privately is you have access to the same advertising opportunities as traditional real estate agents do except you have greater flexibility to decide what works best for you. For example, your property is still advertised on Australia’s major real estate websites. However, whether you choose to invest a few hundred dollars more to boost your listing’s exposure in search results is at your discretion.

With the same advertising opportunities, it’s no surprise that the average time it takes to sell a property privately matches the industry average of 90 days.