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Established in 1998, OWNER.COM.AU has remained a constant through an internet boom and real estate busts, offering very real value to site users. Since 1998 is the oldest and most genuine private sale real estate website in Australia. We have listed the most For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings over the years, at over 40,000 FSBO properties valued at more than $13,000,000,000 ($13 billion).

OWNER.COM.AU private sale listings offer the opportunity for sellers and buyers of property to share in immense savings on real estate transaction costs. It allows sellers to expose their properties online to a large pool of buyers, and cuts out the agent in the process, resulting in no commissions at all, and much more affordable marketing fees.


We aim to offer buyers the largest choice of private sale listings and to offer sellers the best value in site listing services and customised promotional materials. In short, to offer buyers more sellers, sellers more buyers and both lower costs.

Our Promise to You

  • We will continuously improve and provide the simplest and most effective tools to help you achieve the sale or lease of your property.
  • We will constantly seek the best methods of private-sale advertising to ensure the maximum possible exposure for a cost effective price.
  • We will continue to provide you with an all-round real estate service, along with providing all types of property transactions including real estate for sale by owner (FSBO), rentals, private house sales, homes and houses for sale by owner, rural property and country real estate.
  • We will continuously provide an up-to-date website for all searched properties whether they are for sale or for lease.
  • We will continue to provide and encourage buyers to register for free, using our state-of-the-art property alert tool.

1998 – was founded, under a larger brand of OwnerSmart, to help connect private sellers with property buyers

2009 – The website was updated, and now also offers services for owners to sell businesses and commercial properties.

2015 – Operations of was handed to the experienced team at No Agent Property, who now manage the website and utilise their wealth of experience and knowledge in the private seller industry to help customers.

2019 – The business completely updated and overhauled its website, offering a modern and seamless experience, to help give customers more chance of selling, and a smoother transition to advertise on other websites, as well as the trusted platform.

Our People

Stan Iskhakbaev – Director

Stan was a co-founder of another “sale by owner” company, and now runs, as well as its sister company

He has extensive IT and Private Real Estate experience, with skills gained over 20 years of consulting at various national and multinational companies. Importantly, he is a real estate agent, licensed in every state in Australia.

An effective team leader with excellent problem solving, communication and stakeholder management skills, Stan is using his entrepreneurial approach to introduce new innovations and automation to many processes within the business.

Gilles Maragnes – Online Marketing and Tech Support

Gilles has joined the team at in 2015 and became the driving force behind the Online Marketing Strategies of the website, as well as customers’ listings. Gilles has graduated in France and holds a Batchelor degree in E-commerce, and he brought with him a strong approach of national and international Online Marketing strategies.

He also has significant skills in the areas of creating websites, problem-solving, and providing technical support.

Support Team –’s Support Staff’s day-to-day functions, including updating listings, ensuring enquiries are matched, answering customer calls, and providing miscellaneous customer support, is all handled by its experience team of support staff. The team is has helped thousands of customers with their listings, and endeavours to assist all future customers to get the best price for their private listing with

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