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Owner.com.au will only use your personal membership information in accordance with our privacy statement. Please view our Privacy and Security page which has tips for staying safe when using Owner.com.au (http://www.owner.com.au/privacy-and-security/)
Owner.com.au is a community facility to assist property owners wishing to sell and rent their own property (the “Facility”). By using Owner.com.au’s services you acknowledge and agree that Owner.com.au:

  • all transactions are in Australian Dollars (AUD);
  • does not endorse any of the properties that are displayed through the Facility;
  • does not accept properties with “Vendor Finance” and “Rent to Buy” or similar;
  • by clicking on any link within this site you agree to the Terms of Service. All aspects of www.Owner.com.au are available to persons acting as either private Australian property owners or as property seekers. Real Estate Agents or Marketeers for any businesses, unless not acting in such capacity and acting specifically for the purpose that they are genuinely interested in purchasing the property, are not entitled to use this site to solicit business from listings in The Facility. All users of The Facility must agree before placing a listing that they do not wish to be contacted by real estate agents nor by any third party marketeer enquiries. Site users are encouraged to report infringements of this policy to the Office of Fair Trading within your State, or email us regarding the telemarketing or spamming and we will pursue the matter on your behalf;
  • is not in any way acting as your agent and does not charge or is not entitled to receive any commission arising out of any sale that results from your use of this Facility;
  • retains the right to view communication made through the Facility;
  • is not responsible for any misrepresentations of properties and/or breaches of contract by either buyer and/or seller;
  • is not liable for any loss of data, loss of any password or any breach of security, or for interference to any data by any third person;
  • is not responsible for the unauthorised use by third parties of our site;
  • is not responsible for the failure of the Facility to provide a service;
  • retains the right to terminate your rights to use the Facility;
  • retains the right to delete or modify your listing, without notice, if we consider that the details that you provide are incorrect, duplicated elsewhere on the site, misleading or do not meet our standards;
  • retains the right to change any aspect of the site including the terms and conditions without notification;
  • Owner.com.au has no control over the quality, or legality of the items listed or the truth or accuracy of the listings and/or other item descriptions on the Facility;
  • listers are required to have a current and valid email address to use the Facility;
  • you agree not to sell, resell, duplicate or use for any commercial ends any aspect of the Facility.
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