Privacy and Security

Protecting your privacy is important to us at

Disclosing information

We give you an unconditional guarantee that we will:

  • never sell, trade, rent or give your personal details to anyone else without your consent unless it is a legal or police matter;
  • ensure that the only email you receive from us is related to the provision of our services.


At, we aim to protect our customer’s confidential information. Only the website administrator can access your personal information. Access is made if you have difficulty managing your account and we reserve the right to monitor communication on the site in the interests of minimising fraudulent activity.

All Listing Data will be permanently deleted from after three months of expiry of the listing.

Credit card details

It is the policy of not to store any of our customer’s credit card numbers. All payments are made through a secure PayPal gateway with a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). When you are on a secure page, any information you transmit will be strongly encrypted to prevent hackers from intercepting your credit card information and using it wrongly. Your browser will display a lock icon on a secure page. Clicking on this will give you full details of the encryption that protects our communications. If there is an error processing your card for any reason, (e.g. the card number you supplied is invalid) the transaction will be revoked. Although we do not store your credit card details, all credit card transactions receive a unique identification number that proves the transaction’s acceptance into the banking system. This identification number can be used to trace any transaction back to the credit card issuer (eg; the bank that issued the MasterCard, Bankcard or VISA credit card).

Our top tips for staying safe online are:

View properties in person. People willing to buy or rent a property without seeing it or the prospective tenant first, even if they claim that it is because they are currently overseas, are unlikely to be legitimate. For personal safety always ensure you take someone with you, or if you are inviting someone into your home ask to see personal identification first.

Be wary of contact from people from overseas and please forward us at any email from an overseas person before replying to it.

Never send in the post or wire any money, for example by using payment services like Money Gram, Bidpay or Western Union.

Never provide your personal or banking information (e.g. credit card number) to others over the Internet.

Become aware of common scams and fraud, the Australian Government’s scam website is a good reference,

Report any attempted fraud or suspicious emails, advertisements, or other activity to us on In case of fraud or illegal activity, we also recommend that you report it to the Police.

Use common sense. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


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