The Basics

Seller's Handbook. The basics. Why of a Private Sale?

Sellers Guide: Why should sell my house or land privately?

There are many, many reasons to sell your home as a no-agent DIY private sale! Big savings are there to be made: at least eight thousand dollars on an average home. As real estate is the world’s biggest asset class – coupled with agent’s commission being so high – choosing to sell your home For Sale By Owner can be the largest economic saving you ever make.

However at we believe that the most comprehensive argument for a private sale is one of control. You will be the one who dictates the selling process, free of an agent third party who might pressure you into decisions that are not iNo agent will be as fond of your property as you aren your interest.

Who knows the most about your property? You have been living intimately with your home for years, perhaps over decades of life’s ups and downs. Like any old friend, you will know where it is at its shining best and how it closely fits into its community and environment. You are now at a life stage where you need to leave this great place behind, partially regretfully, but you need to move on. Buyers will be relieved to get detailed and accurate information on all the unique advantages of living at this address from someone who is the most expert; you! No agent can match you in genuine enthusiasm or local specific knowledge.

Some basic information on the private sale process is all you need to make the decision to sell For Sale By Owner (FSBO).

The Legals

There is absolutely no difference between selling through a real estate agent and a private sale in this respect. In both cases you need to engage a Solicitor/Conveyancer to handle the paper work (or do it yourself only if you are adventurous!) If you are curious as to what a solicitor or conveyancer will be doing for you, we demystify the conveyancing process for you.


Most real estate agent valuations do not reflect market value, as it is standard agent practice to inflate list prices to get themselves listings. Even if you were not selling privately, it would still be sound advice to always get an independent professional Valuer to appraise your home, a service which costs typically around $300.


Many sellers are talked into spending thousands of dollars on advertising. Agents get advertising kickbacks! Some of the most effective ways of finding buyers are simple and inexpensive: a sign outside your property, text adverts in a local newspaper, distributing property flyers to your neighbourhood and of course … a high profile national web listing on Australia’s oldest, largest and most effective Private Sale only site, This can be as cheap as free for a single photo listing or only $199 for a Premier Listing and includes a pair of signs, higher search rankings and as as many photos as you need to display your home to its best advantage.


Anyone can learn the basics of negotiating with house buyers effectively. Some of these include staying calm, establishing your bottom line, allowing yourself time to consider offers by never making responses on the day and further to keep all parties who have made offers in the loop until contracts are exchanged. Owner direct negotiation means you will be focused onfsbo sellers in Australia are informal negotiators getting the best price a buyer will pay. No agent will in actuality be working directly for you; by and large they work for themselves. They are keen to get frequent sales and the hard work involved in getting the best price for a particular client is not in their financial interest.

Visit our testimonials section on the site to hear about how other sellers’ experience of a DIY no-commission private sale was straightforward and rewarding.

You can download (2.9 MB) this complete detailed handbook on the basics of a private sale, as a pdf, so you can print this out for off-line reading.

Alternatively, read on here for an in-depth guide to a no-agent private sale. The basics that need to be covered in the sale process are self Preparation, the Presentation of your home, getting Market pricing right, effective Marketing, Inspection and Closing the Sale.

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