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Seller's Handbook, Presentation Basics

Sellers Guide : How to present your home with for sale by owner?

Get quotes from professional cleaners who regularly do real estate cleansAvoid selling before your home is ready. A poorly presented home will miss out on generating neighbourhood buzz. You need to attract the best kind of buyer who is quality focused, not just wanting a bargain. The best buyers – many of whom will have been searching actively in your area for their dream home – often inspect in the first few weeks of a new listing, and you want them to fall in love with your home.

To clear the path for a well groomed home for sale, start with a huge garage sale and many trips to the tip. Besides clearing the place of unsightly objects, the space will actually look bigger. Sell or move excess furniture to give rooms an uncluttered look. For walk-in-wardrobes and built-in-cupboards, transfer excess contents to removable furniture such as dressers, or better yet at off-site storage.

Then begin an “Australian Defence Force clean.” By this standard an inspecting Army officer could conceivably check surfaces with a white glove, maybe even in the oven! When you’ve finished meticulously scrubbing everything – to remove that microscopic grime and fading that accumulates, unnoticed through the years – you will be amazed at how new all fittings and paintwork now look. Throw out or replace dingy rugs and tattered curtains. Get acceptable curtains dry cleaned. Steam clean your carpets. Wax wooden floors. Hire someone to spray clean the outside of your house. While they are at it, get them to pressure spray the driveway or any front facing masonry. Anywhere there is uncolored concrete particularly benefits from blasting away dark streaks. You want to avoid any notion of such water aging and avoid embarking on extensive renovations but finish off old workweathering, suggestive of risk and decay to a buyer’s subconscious. For the same reason you should attend to such details as changing washers in leaky taps or fixing and covering cracks in masonry.

If there is much peeling paint about your home this is a big flag to a buyer’s subconscious suggesting poor Finish off any old building work and avoid starting new renovations before sellingmaintenance. In this case a new paint job is definitely in order. In-fashion cheery exterior colour goes a long way in selling your house from the street. Neutral colours such as beige though work best at brightening dingy interiors. Check recent home and garden magazines for trendy colour schemes, to give your property that up-to-date smartness. Concentrate particularly on the front entrance area, where first impressions count the most. Giving an old door a coat of new paint is the bare minimum. Replacing the door altogether with a nicer stronger model, only a half day’s builder work and suggestive of being a welcoming yet secure place to live, may pay even better dividends. Check our more in-depth discussion of Paint to Sell.

Ask a friend who is house proud, who loves to interior decorate, to have an inspection of your home with a critical eye. It is invaluable to have such an outside perspective. Besides, with a private sale, you will need to get used to others criticizing your home, as buyers are wont to do. Even if they are besotted with your home they’ll still be picky, to avoid appearing too keen.

Water the lawn and apply a small amount of fertilizer. It should soon look enticingly green. Then weed and regularly mow lawns. The feeling you wish to evoke is of an oasis, a garden of rest behind which sits a refuge that will be a pleasure to live in. Annual flowers in bloom, planted straight from their pots into a front garden bed are inexpensive and a proven boost to a sale. The problem with relying on your perennial flowers to do this work is that they will rarely bloom to fit your selling schedule. As the first few weeks entering any real estate market often gets the most motivated buyers, make sure your property looks inviting from the road the moment you put that For Sale sign out.

To this end give trees and shrubs a strategic clip. Prune branches that obscure a nice view. Leave them if they screen your neighbour’s dead cars! Consider most of all what ways you can increase street appeal. How your house looks to someone driving past is one of the most important factors behind a quick sale. This is because most buyers find their houses by intensively inspecting a favored few suburbs. Proof that people buy a geographic neighbourhood before they look for the individual virtues of a specific house is suggested by the “location location location” mantra; the huge prices paid for otherwise ordinary homes but which are in trendy suburbs. A street of houses to any buyer are just a row of undifferentiated ‘products’, the price being in a large part determined by the geographic location. Make your house stand out and grab a passerby with its evocative presentation. Getting keen buyers to inspect is half the battle.

When you are all done and have your home looking so nice you regret having to leave it, get it photographed for any advertising purposes. You can do this yourself with a little help from our article on the subject of effective private sale real estate photography. If however you are not artistically inclined it is best to hire the services of a local photographer experienced in photographing real estate. The competitiveness of this industry can make prices very reasonable.

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