For Sale By Owner Testimonials

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Just wanted to thank you and your team so much. Exactly 1 month from advertising on your website, I was sending details to my solicitor for the sale of my house. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of interest online before I even put up the colourful sign – and they weren’t all my friends having a look! Thank you so much for your helpful advice, answering my queries promptly and for providing this easy to use, inexpensive service.

T. Penn-Cullen LARGS
House For sale by owner in NSW, 2320

It appears we may have an offer coming for the place this week and I was wondering if you provide under contract stickers? I would like to highlight the effectiveness of using your company, as it has been so easy, effective, the website helpful, and with a response beyond our wildest dreams.

R. Birchley
Property For sale by owner in Gemfields, QLD

Isn’t it wonderful. We have sold our home. ……. We are still having lots of phone calls from the flyers we placed around town, all of whom have looked at your site and decided the house was worth looking at. We are dumfounded to have had such as reaction so quickly. We cannot thank you enough for the chance to sell this way, and think of the money we have saved. As you say in your screed ” No one else knows your home like you do” so why not show it to your potential buyers. THANK YOU TO WWW OWNER .COM.AU. HOPE YOUR BUSINESS GOES ON TO BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS.

P. Ray 
House For sale by owner in Wallerawang, NSW

Thank you so much. We sold our house saving $thous in commissions. We had a bite on the site within 48 hours and the third person bought it. We had a r/estate agent earlier in the year but he could not get an offer and was play stupid mind games with prospective clients. This is the best way to sell.

M. Nash 
House For sale by owner in Gray, NT

Yours is a well thought-out site. It is intuitive, efficient and quick for the potential seller. The majority of free listing sites are dysfunctional to some degree. Many are actually impossible to use, and often you only discover that fact after you have put a lot of effort into trying to list your property. Congratulations!

G. Ardern
Property For sale by owner in Kuranda, QLD

I just wanted to write to you to say thanks! I had been trying to sell my home with real estate agents for months, after listing with you I had people wanting to inspect immediately. I have now sold my house for the money I wanted and am a very happy customer!

K. Staniforth 
House For sale by owner in Wagait Beach, NT

I want to pass on my thanks for the successful sale of my house.

J. Flynn 
House For sale by owner in Warrane, TAS

Hello, I recently sold my home through It was the only place I advertised, and I would like to say a big thank you for your support and your great website. has been easy to use, as well as giving great results. It has saved me a lot of money in Real Estate agent fees, and I have made new friends with people who emailed me re my property. Thank you once again.

C. Ingold 
House For sale by owner in Lorrina, TAS

The property was sold through thank you for making your website a free listing, we saved around 10 grand with using no real estates, thank you again and merry christmas and a happy new year. outstanding website congrats and super fantastic results, couldn't be happier thank you again. A++++++++++++++++++++++

S. Spokes 
House For sale by owner in Eli Waters, QLD

Thank you for providing this service to assist me to sell my house so easily. I will definitely be using it to search for my next property and have highly recommended it to others. Many thanks for all assistance you have provided, your team is great. :) Have an awesome day

A. Bailey 
House For sale by owner in ALAWA, NT

We thank for enabling us to sell our home, and this is the third home we have sold through your site. Wishing you and your team a very successful New Year.

P. Cornelius 
House For sale by owner in St Arnaud, VIC

We have accepted an offer as a result of inquiry to your site. Not bad after only a day with pictures loaded!

S. & R. Brennan 
Property For sale by owner in MILLNER, NT

Great idea, great site. Also very reasonable charges.

Property For sale by owner in Muswellbrook, NSW

This site is fantastic. Thank you.

J. Bethel 
Property For sale by owner in Alice Springs, NT

Just to let you know thanks to I have managed to sell my house! I would like to say thank you very much for providing the service of the homepage, information and services support. It was very easy to use and I had many, many responses. Although I did my own advertising through the use of flyers, word of mouth and emailing to friends of friends, the FOR SALE signs were extremely beneficial for the passing traffic and people. Thank you once again for a marvellous website. My only outlay was $130 for the two signs! I wish you well with your business and ideas and hope you also achieve success and happiness now and in the future. Without a doubt I would highly to anybody wishing to sell privately.

N. Phadtare 
House For sale by owner in St Peters, NSW

We have sold our property using your signs, flyers & website and in doing so saved ourselves thousands of dollars in real estate agent fees. It was also done our way and in our time which suited us because my husband has been ill and salesman pressures would not have worked for us.

S & M Delaney-Riley 
Property For sale by owner in Flaxley SA

Just advising that the property has SOLD!! Thank you for the opportunity of using your website, I only listed mid February and sold mid March – great result. The purchasers said they saw the property on your website so it certainly worked for us.

J. Balym 
Property For sale by owner in Tranmere, TAS

I listed through your Internet site; put the sign up out the front, within an hour I had a family look through. The place was a mess as we were in the middle of moving out. They loved it and within a couple of weeks they had put an offer on. They moved in New Year’s Eve. You saved me a fortune in costs, I can’t thank you enough, and I have recommended your site to all family and friends. Thank you again.

S. Walmsley 
Property For sale by owner in Huntingdale, WA

I’d just like to say thank you for your excellent website and that my house is currently under contract. We did have a sign on the roadside, with your web address on it. The house is not visible from the road and the purchasers were able to refer to your site for information. I’m sure that they revisited the site prior to negotiations. Also of interest is the fact that our newsprint advertisements were fairly minimal and these ads also referred consumers to your site. We had difficulty with the local media as their approach to accuracy was lackadaisical. Therefore it was refreshing to be able to upload exactly what we wanted to present on your site, without third party interference! Thanks again and I would recommend your site to anyone wishing to sell their house privately. It saves thousands of dollars on commission fees.

P. & W. Hannes 
House For sale by owner in Mandurang, VIC

I just wanted to write to you to say thanks! I had been trying to sell my home with real estate agents for months, after listing with you I had people wanting to inspect immediately. I have now sold my house for the money I wanted and am a very happy customer!

K. Staniforth 
House For sale by owner in Wagait Beach, NT

Thank you we sold our property in one week!

C. & F. Daumuller 
Property For sale by owner in Burekup, WA

Thanks so much for your super efficiency in getting my open house signs up to me in super quick time. Much appreciated. I have sold the property after one open!

B. Hayhurst 
House For sale by owner in Holloways Beach, QLD

Just advising that the above property owned by myself has SOLD!! Thank you for the opportunity of using your website, I only listed mid February and sold mid March – great result. The purchasers said they saw the property on your website so it certainly worked for us.

J. Balym 
Property For sale by owner in Tranmere, TAS

We have just settled on the sale of our house. If you have the time and want to put in a some effort the rewards can be very good. Would recommend anyone to give private selling at a try especially after getting over 200 internet visits.

P. Colbey 
House For sale by owner in Alice Springs, NT

Thanks for a great site. I used it in conjunction with advertising in the West Australian Newspaper to maximise exposure. The house sold in 6 weeks, most of which was around Christmas time. So an excellent result.

H. Breed 
House For sale by owner in Como, WA

Our house sale was settled last Friday. We got $24000 more than one of the top real estate agents told us he would get!!! I would definitely recommend selling yourself rather than paying agents to do it for you. It really wasn’t difficult at all. Thanks again for the prompt sign delivery. We sold the house that weekend, I think it was the directional signs that made the difference.

L. Miller 
House For sale by owner in Royston Park, SA

The property sold in 4 days. Thank you very much for your site. I will recommend it to anyone wishing to have a go selling privately. No problems at all.

J. Burnard 
Property For sale by owner in Anula, NT

Thank you for your wonderful site. We have now sold our property. Even though the first buyer to see it bought it, from flyers delivered in the neighbourhood, we left it until the contract was signed and delivered. We can’t believe you offer the listing for free and have already recommended your site to friends and also those looking to buy (and presumably sell). Thanks!

K. Bevan 
Property For sale by owner in Launceston, TAS

Please be advised that this property was sold and settled yesterday . Thank you for the opportunity to market this block via – it all went like clockwork.

H. Galvin 
Property For sale by owner in Adelaide River, NT

We would like to extend our thank you to for assisting us in selling our home. Your signage in particular, was great. It took only 7 weeks for our home to sell and we were so pleased with the end result of not having to go through an agent which meant we could price our house much more realistically. Also, it was much more personal in dealing with prospective buyers as we hosted our Open houses which allowed us to talk to the people who were interested.

M. & J. Cosmo 
House For sale by owner in Rockyview, QLD

We are thrilled to to let you know that we are settling on our property tomorrow. We sold in three weeks and received above the asking price. Other properties in the area have taken months. We are more than happy to write a wonderful recommendation. Thanks and keep up the good work.

A. & G. Martin 
Property For sale by owner in Sisters Beach, TAS

We would like to thank you for the service you provide. We sold our house privately, and therefore saved a huge commission. We have attached a photo of your sign, with “sold” on it. We left it that way for some time, to show others you can sell yourself.

J. & D. Higgins 
House For sale by owner in Meringandan, QLD

Great Website. I advertised two properties and have now sold one from the sign. I had my first phone call within 20 minutes of putting up the sign. Thanks and keep up the good work.

R. Henwood 
Property For sale by owner in Sylvania, NSW

I have been very happy with the response to my ad on your site & still have a queue wanting to purchase my property which is currently under contract & due for settlement. Your help in inserting the photograph & your prompt response to my emails was greatly appreciated.

L. Karlhuber 
Property For sale by owner in Nightcliff, NT

We had two homes listed with you and are happy to disclose they have both been sold…we will never use an agent again.

T. Anderson 
House For sale by owner in Heritage Park, QLD

Thank you for your great service. We have sold our property. This is the third successful sale for us – it’s a very effective service.

H. Crawford & G Parsons 
Property For sale by owner in Darwin, NT

We have sold the property. The buyers noticed the sign on the footpath and arranged an inspection – SUCCESS!

B. Armour 
Property For sale by owner in Lake Cathie, NSW

We have just signed a contract and the “subjects to building and pest’ should be through this coming week, which means it should be sold by this coming weekend. I will let you know if we have to renew on your site but hopefully all will be OK. The signs have been great and attracted a lot of attention. I will and have recommended your site to a number of people.

K. Franklin 
Property For sale by owner in Buddina, QLD

This is a brilliant idea and a fantastic web site. Keep up the great work,its the best ‘For sale by owner’ site around – and great that its free for now until it takes off. Well done.

D. Orrett 
Property For sale by owner in SA

Our property has just gone under contract. Thanks to your great signs directing lots of groups to our home – we found the right buyer. Both parties are extremely pleased with deal. Thanks again.

T. & G. Hynes 
House For sale by owner in Albany Creek, QLD

Had a lot of replies to advertisement. It is a very good site.

K. Higgins 
Property For sale by owner in Somerset, TAS

Had a lot of replies to advertisement. It is a very good site.

K. Higgins 
House for sale by owner in Somerset, TAS

Your site is terrific – I had sold our block for what we were after even before the signs were delivered with quite a few additional enquiries.

P. Usher 
Land for sale by owner in Palmerston, NT

Thanks for your great site. We think this land has been sold. Contracts are being drawn up now. Will let you know when land is sold. We sold it to friends of ours, but your site did show a lot of interest from other prospective buyers. We won’t hesitate to use this web site again.

A. Windress 
Land for sale by owner in Rossglen, NSW

I have sold the property thanks to your for sale sign out the front of property

T. Hirsch 
Land for sale by owner in Flinders View, QLD

We have had success, having the signs out the front made all the difference. Thank you kindly for your help when I needed it. Will be back if or when I need you again

K. Reid 
Land for sale by owner in Somersby, NSW

Thank you for your free service I think its a great service to use not just selling but buying as well I will continue to use your service in the future. I also will pass on your service to others.

I. Johnson 
For sale by owner in St Helens, TAS

Just thought I’d let you know. Our sign arrived today. As we were trying to mount it, we have had three drive past enquires and visits. Worthwhile investment!!

R. Aspinall 
For sale by owner in Turramurra, NSW

Thanks to, our Cairns unit sold for exactly the asking price; all with no fuss at all. The whole process was amicable, friendly and for us, much more rewarding than the rather ‘distant’ experience of going through an agent. We saved lots of cash too! Please accept our humblest and sincerest thanks for this excellent service.

S & E. Rothwell 
Unit For sale by owner in Cairns, QLD

Thank you very much for your site. We have been successful in selling our block of land which took place within a couple of weeks of advertising with as well as with the aid of your signs. I was most impressed with the turn around time of the production and issue of the ‘for sale’ signs.

J. Jones 
Land for sale by owner in Port Macquarie, NSW

The street signage was very effective in getting us a number of people interested in looking at the property,

D. Booth 
Property for sale by owner in Woodroffe, NT

GUESS WHAT SOLD SOLD SOLD. My sincere thanks to you for your help with the listing. Yes, what finally did the job were the signs I bought! Stood out, looked professional and had everything on that was necessary. Best to you all and the continued success of

J. Faulkner 
For sale by owner in Mt Perry, QLD

Thank you, the property was sold at the full asking price of $369000. The large “For Sale” and smaller “Open House” signs were really good and were easy to see. I did also use two larger signs just with open house on them. Thank you for the use of your listing site, and the supply of the signs. I would recommend your website to any person wishing to sell their property as you supply all the requirements such as flyers, signs photo listings and good advice.

P. Ferguson 
House For sale by owner in Caves Beach, NSW

I was referred to your site by a friend who had successfully used to sell a property in Perth. I am extremely pleased with both the service and responses I received and have had an offer on the property. Being able to place adverts with a reference to your site – especially with a photo – saves expensive advertising costs. Thanks again for the great site and using certainly saved me – and the purchaser no doubt – considerable $$$$$$. It enables “Mr and Mrs Average” to price properties at a reasonable market price without adding excessive commissions to the price to cover agents costs. I will certainly use your site to sell our home in the next year or so- even if you have a fee for doing so.

M. Wishart 
Property For sale by owner in Perth WA

Thank you I have very successfully sold my property in the most painless way possible and amazingly cheap! I followed all your advice and it worked brilliantly. Thanks for your wonderful service, I’m very relieved to be free of property investment!!

G. Saunders 
Property For sale by owner in Maroochydore, QLD

With a few line ads in the local paper, stating briefly about the house and your website address and identity number of the house, we attracted our purchaser in the second week of being on the market. While it took a month to finally exchange contracts due to warranted inspections, we were really happy with selling it ourselves. It means that there is authentic communication between people and opportunity to deal with all the emotions of selling one’s own home in the moment. Very healthy, more integrity and therefore we would do it again this way.

J. Dupuy 
Property For sale by owner in Albury, NSW 

I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for your free website – it has been fantastic to have a web listing to refer prospective buyers to, and I sold to a buyer who found my listing through your website! Again, I appreciate the great service you offer, the ease of use of the website & all the extra tips you supply – I found it all invaluable in the sale of my property.

L. Proctor 
Property For sale by owner in Glen Osmond, SA

Keep up the great work, had a very good response from your awesome website. Thanks again!

G. Wakelin 
 For sale by owner in Everton Hills, QLD

I have two properties listed with your fantastic website, one of which was sold on the first open inspection with only one couple coming through! So 1 down 1 to go. I read and took notice of your guide for sellers when displaying pictures of my home and other little tips which were very useful. I think your site is brilliant and I tell all how satisfying it is to be able to sell your own home! Thank you.

M. Litvensky 
 Home For sale by owner in Darwin, NT

We thank you for your good service. Property has been sold.

J. Bourke 
 Property For sale by owner in Aldershot, QLD

A site and contact like is definitely needed, especially for ‘the disadvantaged’ in our society.

S. Roh 
 Property For sale by owner in Sydney, NSW

Just to let you know that the property I had listed is now sold, and to thank you for an excellent site.

M. Griffiths 
 Property For sale by owner in Gold Coast, QLD

Sold it! Thanks for your site , fantastic, got what we asked for it. Many many thanks the site was so user friendly.

L.Hall & K. Conomos 
 For sale by owner in Bayview, NT

Thank you, the signs look great. Someone rang me yesterday and asked about your website. I was able to tell them I had found it very user friendly

H. Lovell 
 For sale by owner in Toogoom, QLD

Our property has sold. Your service is wonderful. Thanks a million.

M Simpson 
 For sale by owner in Gladstone, QLD

Thank you for all your prompt help and support. I think it was through your sign that I sold my house, at a price around that I was seeking. So you could say that I’m a very satisfied customer. I can also say that several people have been very interested to know how I sold it and how to get onto your site. More power to you!

J. Baker 
 House For sale by owner in Hurstville, NSW

This is the second time I have used this site to sell a property. I rave about it to all. Especially as it is the only site I know that is free and you can do so much with it. Just thought I would tell you too, that the first time I sold my house in 1 week. This time, the first person bought and I have not even put the for sale sign or the ad in the paper yet (It was all going to be done for the first home open this weekend). Amazing isn’t it that it sold in 5-6 days and with no other advertising except your site. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Spreading the Word!!

S. Barclay 
 House For sale by owner in Byford, WA

I like your site. I have had more than 200 hits in less than 2 weeks. Not bad for the smaller Darwin market, however it is a more dynamic higher turnover market than many others due to the Oil/ Gas, Mining, Defence and Government sector industry. Much interest has been generated both from the site and the signs. I was amazed that only 3 hours after putting the property on the website I received a phone call from an Irish man involved in the Oil industry from a Darwin hotel. His wife in Dublin, Ireland, saw it and rang him so he arranged to come and inspect it. A local Darwin Real Estate Agent obviously checked your site and called me asking if I needed the help of an agent so I told him about the story of the lady back in Dublin. His response was “That is Shocking”. Well I like to call it “Modern Global Reality” even though I felt a little sorry for the Real Estate agent who probably felt like reaching for a triple Scotch and reminiscing about the old time period of BI (Before Internet) in a previous century. In addition to this, I caught a taxi from Darwin airport after a brief work trip, and I told the taxi driver my address to go home to and his response was to ask me whether I was buying or selling the property. In astonishment, I asked how he knew about the property and he said he saw it on the website the previous night. After putting the signs up I had another man who saw it within a few hours and he called the next day and arranged an inspection. It is definitely more fun managing the selling process yourself.

 House For sale by owner in Wanguri, NT

My property is now sold. Thank you so much for the opportunity to list my property with you as it is an excellent service.

J. Roberts & P. Latimore 
 Property For sale by owner in Forest Lake, QLD

We sold our house within the first week for the asking price so we are very happy. I have told everyone I know about your site so I expect you will have even more business from the NT as word gets around that there IS an alternative to Real Estate Agents.

M. O’Connor 
 House For sale by owner in Darwin, NT

My property is now sold and it was sold through Thank you!

J. Wood 
 Property For sale by owner in Labrador, QLD

I recently sold my house through your website – thank you very much! Our house sold in 25 minutes! I’d also like to commend the speed at which we were sent the boards for the house. The fact they were sent through courier was a bonus too that I did not expect, especially for the price. So well done you guys- home selling is such an anxiou time but it was made simple and cost effective by

C. Pochee 
 House For sale by owner in Jingili, NT

Just would like to say in 3 weeks we have found 3 buyers for our house. Its better than an agent and we don’t have to pay outrageous commissions.

L. Scott 
 House For sale by owner in Laureiton, NSW

I am very impressed with My property is sold and I would recommend to all private sellers. An excellent website. gives a level of exposure that the local real estate agents cannot match. Well Done!!!

J. Aleks 
 Property For sale by owner in Kawana Waters, QLD

The house is now under contract & will settle shortly. I received an email 1 wk after listing with you & this buyer offered me the full price. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Yvonne Pratt 
 House For sale by owner in Wanguri, NT

Your website is fantastic. Everybody that is selling privately should use your site. Thank you.

P. O’Keeffee 
 Property For sale by owner in Forest Lake, QLD

Thank you for your assistance in helping us to advertise our property. A great service and we will recommend you to friends wishing to sell property in the future.

J. & M. Bagshaw 
 Property For sale by owner in Pioneer, VIC

I think your web is excellent. I sold my property for the requested price. Thank you and all the best.

 Property For sale by owner in Mt. Tamborine, QLD

What a fantastic website and service you offer! Thanks again – and I have been telling lots of people about this website.

S. Dengate
 Property For sale by owner in Picton, WA

Your WEBSITE was invaluable for the sale of my property. I believe I have achieved a much better price than if I had used an agent. Thanks again.

Ian Smith
 Property For sale by owner in Toowong, QLD

We thank you for your good service. Property has been sold.

P. Pratt
 Property For sale by owner in Red Rock, NSW

The website is the easiest of real estate sites to use, well-thought-out, simple, user-friendly and fast. I really don’t know why everyone with a property to sell doesn’t use your site. Your site has brought many enquiries – probably 20-30 in all and several agreements to purchase. Well done and thank you. We certainly recommend OWNER.COM.AU to people and will continue to do so.

I. Spooner
 Property For sale by owner in Bellingen, NSW

We think your site is great and have had nearly 100 hits.

C & A Schnack
 Property For sale by owner in Brisbane, QLD

Really love your site, listed a house in September and sold day one of open inspection.

G. Palmer
 Property For sale by owner in Darwin, NT

Thanks muchly we have now sold the property as a result of your site.

M. Coleman
 Property For sale by owner in Ferny Grove, QLD

I listed two properties within a day of each other and both sold within less than 5 days; One for full price and one for 2.5% less; One was a home unit and the other our 3 bed home. They were in separate towns on eastern NSW, I am “Rapped” in the prompt sign service and the effectiveness of the web site.

R. Wittig
 House For sale by owner in Mayfield, NSW

I had a very good response with and would recommend it. Thank you for your assistance.

 House For sale by owner in Mason, TAS

I HOLD THIS SITE IN VERY HIGH REGARD, IT WAS INSTRUMENTAL IN FINDING A BUYER FOR MY PROPOERTY. I sold my property for full price and saved around $10k in real estate fees. I displayed’s signs and these attracted outstanding response. I would recommend the use of these signs to anyone thinking of selling privately. Thank you very much for this wonderful service.

D. Jeffery
 Property For sale by owner in Kearsley, NSW

I have just listed my property on and would like to say what an excellent service you provide. It was very easy to do and looks great! I will be recommending your website to everyone I can.

G. Chandler
 Property For sale by owner in Gunalda, QLD

Great site, house sold in the first week.

L. Main
 Property For sale by owner in Maitland, SA

Great site; easy to use; well laid out; searching for property easy. Keep up the good work.

K. Jorias
 Property For sale by owner in Morayfield, QLD

Great news, we have sold our property! So many thanks to you and for helping us – it has been a terrific success.

S. De Vaney
 Property For sale by owner in Perth, WA

I think your site is fantastic and only listed our home 2 days ago with photos to still come, we have had 19 visits to the site.

M. & S. Stewart
 Property For sale by owner in Woodburn, NSW

Love your website. Your site is very easy to use and free. I have successfully listed my block of land. Will recommend to anyone to use this site.

K. Turner
 Land For sale by owner in Gympie, QLD

I received the signs yesterday and am very impressed with them.

L. Lymbery
For sale by owner in Sydney, NSW

I have had a great response from your web site and have recommended it to many others.

A. van Betlehem
For sale by owner in Queenstown, TAS is a great service. I already had a call today so it works.

R. Nercessian
For sale by owner in Sydney, NSW

Your service is truly fantastic and I will not hesitate to use it again and recommend it to others.

R. Oldfield
For sale by owner in Perth, WA

I think your site is fantastic. I am considering purchasing my first home and I found your site very simple to use, informative and helpful in the little things you just don’t think about.

T. Turner
House For sale by owner in SA

I believe this is the ‘best web site in the world’ and I’ve seen a lot. You have saved us at least $8000+ dollars and months of pain. And most of all proved the Internet is by far the best tool for communication. is number 1! Thanks

S. Hill
Property For sale by owner in Townsville, QLD

Thank you so much for your wonderful site and the great service you are providing for private sellers. Also thank you for your assistance with my questions. I would recommend to anyone wanting to list their property on the net.

N. Cooper
Property For sale by owner in Nambucca Heads

Thanks for having this great site available to me. My property is under contract after using The new owners of my property had searched for a house for months. Agents did not really help her. After seeing the sign displayed on our property she promptly viewed Cit at She rang and arranged an inspection that day. She loved the property and signed a contract next day. Was I happy. I saved $20,000 in agents commission. Today I listed a new property with and I know using your method of sale that I will sell again.

B. Dowling
House For sale by owner in Brisbane, QLD

Thank you for this wonderful web site and the opportunity to use it to list our home. It is a great service.

A. Creagh
Home For sale by owner in Wollongong, NSW

We have had a fantastic response to our display on your site, and people as far away as Northern Western Australia, travelled down to view. We have had a huge number of enquiries and visits.The people who bought it actually came knocking on the door and said they were looking in the area for the house they had seen on the internet. Once again, thank you.

P. and S. Cornelius
House For sale by owner in Braidwood, NSW

Thank you all at for all your help and very fast service with delivering the for sale signs, the enquiries we had as soon as the signs went up were excellent and we have sold our home at the price we wanted. I will recommend you to all. Our home sold in one month and we are now able to go travelling thanks once again.

B. Gleeson
Home For sale by owner in Burleigh Waters, QLD

I am writing to stay THANK you for the service that you provide. The signs look great and they are more than doing the job.

P. Mylonas
For sale by owner in Sydney, NSW

We would like to take this opportunity to express how thrilled we are that our property sold so quickly. Thanks to your well laid out website and the posting of some photographs, we had a sale in one week! This saved us at least $7000 in advertising and agent fees. Both of us have recommended this type of sales method to both friends and family.

P. Mylonas
Home For sale by owner in Melbourne, VIC

Thank you for your service. I found it very useful and resulted in several enquiries and a quick sale.

S. Holliday
For sale by owner in Canberra, ACT

My custom made FOR SALE signs arrived by courier this morning..just 2 days after I placed the order. Just a quick thank you for the excellent customer service and fantastic quality of the signs. They are even better than I imagined them to be and wasn’t expecting all those extra sold/under contract, etc stickers. Also, thanks for the free trial flyer. Looks superb. I will run 50 or so copies off to put around shops etc. I have a tough road ahead with selling my block as it’s located in a small country town and could prove hard to sell. If your great signs and website can’t get me a buyer, NOTHING WILL.

Paul Thurston
Land for sale by owner in Lismore, VIC

I found (your site) to be excellent! The instructions to your visitors were simple understand and easy to follow. Your navigational use of the maps is very nice.I thought that your Basic Training for Sellers and Buyers was very good. I especially liked the way you broke it into parts – the reader isn’t overwhelmed by the length.

J. Swann
For sale by owner in Grapevine, Texas, USA

Thank you so much for listing my property, I think your site is great and have recommended it to several people including overseas friends. I have been delighted with the response I have received from your site. I have emails or calls almost every day, and from serious buyers. I have literally been flooded with inquiries at times, and nearly always from people with the intention to travel to look at the land. I have had lots of people eager to look, and have received quite a lot of offers. I thank you so much for your help in marketing my land. Your site is great and the staff are terrific to deal with at all times. An exceptional package.

D. Bowen
Land For sale by owner in Cessnock, NSW

I am really impressed with your website and its content and congratulate you on your efforts. Thank you for your help, advice and assistance. I thought old fashion service like this was long gone. I could not have done this (sell the property) without your assistance and your web site. We received numerous calls from people who saw the advertisement on your site. By the way it was your For Sale sign that brought in the eventual buyer which took only 2 or 3 weeks. The whole process was inexpensive (Total out lay $350.00) and the first week $440 was wasted on advertising in newspapers. The best investment was to purchase your for sale sign.

I. Gill
Property For sale by owner in Sydney, NSW

Thank you for allowing me to list my house on your site for free. I did get a buyer for the house – your sign did wonders!

M. Emmi
House For sale by owner in Hinchinbrook, QLD

Many thanks, your advertisement is great and I am having a good response!

I. Minson
House For sale by owner in Mandurah, WA

I have sold my property. I received the asking price for this property and it sold within 4 weeks. was instrumental in this sale and I am very appreciative of this free tool. Very Happy.

G. Doherty
Property For sale by owner in Malak, NT
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